VIA Trailways has made it easy to earn points and save money just by traveling.

From California to Arizona and beyond, turn those miles into money saved with the Via Trailways Loyalty Rewards Program!

With Loyalty Rewards, our customers will save $$$ on future trips.

  • VIA Silver Tier (1-3 charters booked per year) – earn 500 rewards points* for each charter booked
  • VIA Gold Tier (4-8 charters booked per year) – earn 1000 rewards points* for each charter booked
  • VIA Platinum Tier (9+ charters booked) – earn 1500 rewards* points for each charter booked


  • Redeem 5,000 points for 1 hour of free charter service
  • Redeem 7,500 points for 2.5 hours of free charter service
  • Redeem 10,000 points for 4 hours of free charter service

OR redeem points as soon as they’re earned

1,000 points = $50 off your  next charter price

Terms and Conditions:

The VIA Trailways Loyalty Rewards program begins 01/01/2021. * Points do not expire. Points may only be redeemed on valid charter services. If a charter is cancelled, points will be credited back to the customer account. For trade-in points, only 1,000 points may be used for $50 off the price of a future charter. Only one redemption per booking allowed.  Multiple redemptions not allowed. Contracted and tour groups are ineligible to join the rewards program. VIA Trailways reserves the right to terminate the program any time without advanced notice. Tiered rewards are progressive. You must meet the minimum requirements in each tier to progress to the next tier. All customers start in the VIA Silver Tier. Points have no cash value. Participants must be 18 years or older to sign up for the VIA Trailways Loyalty Rewards program.